Product Application Design and Development

Research and Development is an important area for Tajco, but we do more than just research and develop new products. We incorporate our customers’ thoughts and ideas in order to create the optimal product for each individual customer. We call this Product Application Design and Development.

When you challenge us with a request, we will initiate a process which will result in a new product, matching your needs and requirements.

One of our highly skilled program managers will be the point of contact during the entire process. The program manager, who you will work with, will be geographically close to you, speak your language and understand your culture. All our program managers have technical backgrounds, with vast experience and knowledge within the automotive industry. They also have a highly skilled support base of experts within our production, tooling and design groups in China.

From the beginning to the end, we work with a detailed time schedule, which is agreed to and approved by both parties. If for any reason, changes happen, your program manager will contact you immediately, in order to ensure that the project is implemented to the right timescale and quality.

The APQP process of our Product Application Design and Development consists of four phases:

1. Quotation phase: After the request meeting, the program manager will give the go-ahead for a project leader to start working on an offer for you. This meeting involves all the relevant departments, such as Design, Tooling, Quality, Calculation and Logistics. We start the Feasibility study, and work out the most cost effective way to produce the product. We present this to you in a package containing all the information you need, including 3D math data.

2. Prototype phase: Once you have accepted and approved our offer, we can start working on the first prototype. By using prototype tooling, we can quickly create a production intent version of the product that you can see, feel and assess. This way, you can test the trim on the vehicle, and use it in any pre-series builds that you may produce. We will also supply you with a final risk analysis taking every detail into account. Any adjustments that are determined to be required are made at this stage, before we go any further in the process.

3. Pre-serial phase: Once the prototype is approved, we start the pre-series production, using series tools. The Development, Production, Logistics and Quality departments work closely together, in order to assure compliance throughout the process. This phase is completed once we submit the finalized PPAP to the customer and receive a sign off providing the final approval.

4. Serial phase: After PPAP approval, we are warranted to supply the approved parts to you, and the product is released to Tajco production group for series production.