Code of Conduct

The purpose of TAJCO’s Code of Business Conduct (in short Code of Conduct) is to communicate the expectation of conduct to all TAJCO employees, managers, directors, student assistants and in-house consultants working on time-limited TAJCO consultancy agreements (in the following referred to as “Em­ployee” or “Employees”). Responsibility for conduct is a personal and legal responsibility. The Code of Conduct is a framework within which all Employees are expected to operate. Although the Code of Conduct addresses a number of specific issues, it should not be regarded as a comprehensive listing of compliance issues. Instead, the Code of Conduct should be regarded as a guiding principle that applies to everything that we do in and for Tajco and on behalf of Tajco.

TAJCO believes that good ethics is the basis for good business practices that will produce the best re­sults. TAJCO’s Code of Conduct contains the ethical principles that guide our behavior and which are required to meet ethical and legal standards for our business. All employees are expected to read, under­stand, support and practice the policies in this Code of Conduct. They apply to all employees, managers, directors, student assistants, and in-house consultants of TAJCO.

The following 14 guiding principles are a summary of the content of the Code of Conduct that TAJCO expects you to respect and comply with in your daily work at TAJCO:

1.      I will enforce the enclosed Code of Conduct.

2.      I will not break any applicable laws or legal practices.

3.      I will not be disloyal to TAJCO.

4.      I will not waste or give away TAJCO funds.

5.      I will not use TAJCO funds for my personal benefit.

6.      I will not give TAJCO’s confidential information away.

7.      I will protect TAJCO’s proprietary information.

8.      I will respect other entities/companies proprietary information.

9.      I will not offer bribes.

10.     I will not accept bribes.

11.     I will respect TAJCO’s customers and partners.

12.     I will not do business with relatives or close friends.

13.     I will compete fairly and lawfully.

14.     I will not use suppliers who use slave or child workers.


If you conduct business by applying these short statements, you will be following TAJCO’s Code of Con­duct.