CSR Policy

Recognising that our production has an impact on both the internal and the external environment and that society must progress in a sustainable direction, we hereby declare that we will openly communicate about and cooperate with the outside world on the identification and solution of environmental projects.

As a minimum, Tajco Group will comply with the environment and occupational health and safety legislation in force at any time, including relevant national and international standards and regulatory requirements and other environmental obligations which we have accepted and will accept in the future.

In addition, we will in our environmental work continue to make ongoing improvements and initiate preventive measures against pollution in cooperation with our suppliers, customers and other interested parties.

Insofar as it is commercially and financially viable, Tajco Group will also work to: 

  • reduce the environmental strain caused by production, products and transportation
  • reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy
  • create workplaces with an attractive working environment
  • introduce systematic emergency measures to prevent fire and accidents

In close collaboration with our customers, we will supply competitive products and services, which meet the customer’s expectations in relation to quality and delivery. 

Customer contact

We must be fast, precise and professional, so that the customers regard contact with Tajco Group as a positive experience.

We will take a proactive approach to environmental issues in our marketing.


We will continuously motivate and train our employees by arranging internal courses in quality, environmental and occupational health and safety awareness as well as specialist courses related to the work function.

We establish and maintain a safe working environment by means of our safety committee, which focuses on prevention.

Clear and precise responsibility and competence parameters will be established and kept up-to-date for all employees.

Working conditions

Clear terms of employment regarding training, age, working hours and ethics are set out in the Tajco Group Employee Handbook, which is issued to all employees when they start to work at the Tajco company.

Human rights

We work on the basis of the “Team Performance Philosophy”, where team spirit and a strong collaboration within the team and between departments are valued highly.

Our culture is shaped by the fact that we are a “small” organisation, where the distance from decision to action is short and where your opinions and ideas contributes to an enterprising and dynamic organisation.

Bullying or discrimination of any sort among employees, whether involving sex, origin, race, disability, union membership, political persuasion, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation, will not be tolerated.

Tajco dissociates itself from child labour and the company follows the recommendations of the ILO Convention regarding the minimum age of employees, which may not under any circumstances be lower than 16 years (light, odd jobs) and 18 years for jobs involving the operation of machinery.


We will document and ensure that both international and national laws and regulatory requirements concerning quality, environment and occupational health and safety are met. Other requirements (specific customer requirements) to which we have agreed are also covered by this obligation.

Project implementation

We will establish and maintain clear and precise control and approval procedures throughout all phases of the project implementation.

We will integrate energy and environmental considerations in our projects via an overall evaluation and registration of the energy and environmental impact of the products in relation to: 

  • the manufacturing process, including the generation and disposal of production waste
  • scrap
  • chromium re-plating


We will encourage our suppliers to act responsibly with regard to quality and the environment.

We will do this via a selection (or deselection) process based on continuous assessment of the supplier’s quality, environment and occupational health and safety conditions, including, in particular, whether the supplier can document being TS16949:2009 certified or at least ISO 9001:2008 certified or being in the process of obtaining such certification. The supplier should also be able to document either having environment, human rights, occupational health and safety certification or having established a CSR policy that follow and meet the requirements of the Tajco Group policy.


We will avoid any form of corruption, which implies that:
We do not accept or give bribes as part of a contract payment.

We do not offer inappropriate benefits to customers, suppliers, contractors, employers or government officials for personal gain.


We will constantly, and with respect for the requirements of our customers, reduce our consumption of resources (energy, water and raw materials).

We will minimise the scrap generated in our production and as a result of faulty manufacture.

We will establish clear and unambiguous control procedures to ensure that the products manufactured are continuously checked in accordance with the defined requirements.

Production equipment

To ensure optimal and well maintained production equipment, the machinery will be maintained in accordance with an annual maintenance plan prepared on the basis of professional knowledge and experience of the need for such maintenance.

An environmental assessment is made when new equipment is purchased/manufactured.


We will minimise the number and quantity of chemicals used according to the BATNEC principle

 (BATNEC = Best Available Technology Not exceeding Economical Cost).

We instruct our employees in the handling of chemicals. Work instructions and safety data sheets are prepared in local languages.


We will follow up on deviations according to the rules adopted and customer requirements as well as on remedial and preventive actions.


You can also download the CSR policy here.