Tajco has a history of more than 65 years within the production and sale of car parts.

Tajco’s history tells the story of a company which started out on a small scale in provincial Denmark and ended up as a global company selling niche products to some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Presently: Tajco now has more than 1000 employees working in a global organisation with sales offices and warehouses in Denmark, Germany, the US and China supplied from 2 factories in Ningbo, China. Tajco’s global footprint will develop further over the coming years to secure high customer service and competitiveness.

2013: Tajco start up the second factory in Ningbo, China.

2011: Tajco becomes supplier to Chrysler.

2010: Tajco becomes tier 1 supplier to Volvo and GM.

2008: Tajco establishes a sales company in the US with a sales office in Michigan, after having gained its first experiences with the US market via the German customer base. At the same time, it is decided to develop Tajco into a premium exhaust trim specialist for the global OEM market, and all production is relocated to Ningbo, China.

2007: Ningbo, China, becomes Tajco’s principal production location.

2006: Tajco is a company in rapid growth, and this presents a number of new managerial challenges, which is why Kurt and Frank Lorenz decide to hand over the reins to a professional board and a new management team. 2006 also marks the fourth and current phase for the company with the building of a new factory in Ningbo, China. Tajco is now working globally and employing about two hundred people in China, Denmark and Germany. At the same time, the company becomes certified in accordance to the automotive industry’s stringent TS 16949 standard in Denmark, and the year after also in China. This is later changed to a group certification.

2005: First production for the aftermarket in Ningbo, China.

2004: It is decided to start up production in China with effect from 1 April 2005. Tajco also becomes Tier 1 supplier to Audi (VW Group), and now employs 130 employees.

2003: Tajco becomes ISO 9001 certified, resulting in greater acceptance in the automotive industry. This opens up Frank and Kurt Lorenz’s eyes for the potential and the scale of the market that was suddenly opening up to Tajco, if they could supply the German automotive industry directly. With Kurt and Frank as the driving force, focus on development intensifies substantially, and for the next few years, the two brothers are responsible for all development. Tajco is also certified in accordance to ISO 14001.

2002: Tajco is certified in accordance to ISO 9000, and becomes Tier 1 supplier to Daimler Chrysler.

2001: Svend Aage Lorenz leaves Tajco. Frank and Kurt Lorenz take over the Sales Department. Tajco now has approximately 35-40 employees.

2000: Tajco produces its first stainless steel exhaust trims for BMW and becomes Tier 1 supplier to them.

1999: The start of a new era in Tajco’s history. The company becomes a direct supplier to series production at BMW. At the same time, VW Group becomes a new OEM customer.

1997: This year marks the start of the third phase of the company, as Svend Aage Lorenz’s two sons, Kurt and Frank Lorenz, take over the production.

1992: Tajco acquires a competitor in Germany, resulting in better access to the German car accessories market, and in customers such as BMW and Mercedes. Daimler AG also becomes a new OEM customer.

1988: Tajco acquires the company RACO that produces pressure-moulded battery terminals. The two companies are united. As a result of the new initiatives, Tajco becomes an interesting business partner on the aftermarket for automotive equipment. The product portfolio now comprises exhaust trims, pressure-moulded pole shoes and jump-start cables, and this is the year of the first OEM order for exhaust trims from BMW. In the following years, Tajco experiences rapid growth and is awarded several prizes, including company of the year.

1986: Tajco is taken over by Svend Aage Lorenz and moves to Grindsted, Denmark. The production is streamlined for exporting, primarily to the German market, which remains Tajco’s most important market to this day.

1955: Production of the first exhaust trims for the aftermarket.

1946: The company is established in Esbjerg, Denmark, as Tage Jensen & Co. which was later shortened to Tajco. During its first 30 years, Tajco functioned as a traditional Danish crafts company, producing exhaust trims for cars and selling car parts.