Line fitting - Spring loaded trims:
This type of product is developed for line fitting purposes. The trims are supplied with a spring system, made to fit each specific tailpipe dimension. It is a fast and easy way to fit the trims on the vehicles, directly on the production lines.

The concept is thoroughly market tested, and fitted on several million vehicles throughout the world.

This product has several advantages in comparison with traditional types of products, for instance avoiding additional assembly processes, which would normally take place at the Tier1 location, and furthermore eliminating the risk of scratching or damaging the parts during handling processes.

All spring systems are manufactured from 1.4310 stainless spring steel and spot-welded inside the trims prior to the surface treatment.

Tier1 fitting:

This type of product can fitted to the exhaust pipe by means of welding, clamping or screwing the part onto the tailpipe. Tajco has an extensive experience in this area, and will be happy to take part in the development of the most feasible fitting solution for your purpose.

In general, Tajco has several technologies at its disposal, in order to shape the specific products, depending on the geometry, complexity, etc.

Prior to the assembly process,  the trims are surface treated in order to obtain the very high degree of surface finish, for which Tajco is known. Tajco is able to offer several different surfaces, such as, bright chrome, black chrome, satin chrome, pearl chrome or electro polished.

The trim receives surface treatment before being welded together with the inliner, using TIG and spot welding.