This type of product is typically supplied to the Tier1, however, in most cases, the R&D work is carried out in close cooperation with the OEM's. This enables a reduction of time and resources used in the development phase, and furthermore, in many cases it will be possible to introduce cost reduction initiatives, prior to freezing the final design.

The Bumper/fascia- mounted exhaust trim is an integrated part of the exterior design, and therefore more complex geometries are required.

This type of product typically consists of a trim and an inliner, which can be made as one part or as two half parts, which are welded together. Tajco is capable of offering traditional deep-drawing technology on order to manufacture the parts to specification. One of our core competences, however, is using cone technology, which in most cases will offer a significant reduction part and tooling price in comparison to traditional manufacturing. Normally, a number of brackets are required for mounting the part in the right position.

Manufacturing parts, which are integrated in the fascia, requires a lot of know how in 3 dimensional forming, fastening methods, etc. since any imperfections will immediately be visible once mounted on the vehicle. Furthermore, it is essential that all brackets are positioned extremely precise. We have a deep knowledge in manufacturing assembly fixtures for this purpose, and we make use of state of the art robot welding technology for the fastening of the brackets. 

The trims are surface treated in order to obtain the very high degree of surface finish, for which Tajco is known. Tajco is able to offer several different surfaces, such as, bright chrome, black chrome, satin chrome, pearl chrome or electro polished.

Tajco has a vast amount of experience and in-house know how in the area of bumper/fascia mounted trims, which we are happy to share with our customers, in order to obtain the optimal solution in each specific case.