All trims are made from thin stainless steel (1.4301/304) sheet metal, mainly in 0,8mm or 1,0mm thickness.

Before we start the manufacturing process, we always assess what is the most cost effective way to create your product. We have the option of using various technologies, depending on design, complexity, volume and requirements for the final look of the product.

The finish of a trim is very important, and therefore we monitor the entire manufacturing process on an ongoing basis. We secure that all processes are in control, and we take great pride in producing parts with a very high surface finish.

Lean thinking   Automation
The Lean production practice fits in well with Tajco’s way of thinking. We are all about creating value for the customer and eliminating waste and wasteful processes. We apply Lean tools to our processes, and we use them to problem solve and to optimize our procedures and processes.       

No two clients are the same. We always assess what processes work best for creating each individual product. We use automation when it gives the best quality and best service at the best price. We always strive to create the best quality, and sometimes that means using manual processes, while sometimes automated processes can add more value to the whole process – and in the end, for you.