Tajco’s experienced executive team is supported by a professional board that provides strategic advice and planning and is involved in key decision making.


Executive Team

Meet Tajco’s highly skilled and experienced Executive Team.


Rolf Ebbesen 

CEO and acting COO


Flemming Bekker



Stephen Widdett






The Board

Tajco has a professionel board that supports our owners and executive team in strategic decisions.

The board has three professional members. Meet them here.

Torben Ballegaard Sørensen
Chairman of the Board  


Torben Ballegaard Sørensen is a board member of a number of Scandinavian companies which, besides Tajco, include AB Electrolux, Egmont International, Pandora Holding, and Systematic Software Engineering. Prior to his board activites, Torben Ballagaard Sørensen was MD of Computer Composition International, CEO for Bang & Olufsen and EVP of LEGO. Torben Ballegaard Sørensen holds an MBA from University of Aarhus, supplemented with studies at Stanford Business School.


Leif Jensen
Deputy Chairman



Leif Jensen has his executive experience from a number of Board of Director and CEO positions in different sectors in companies with a global reach. He has held board positions in Europe, North America and China. Besides Tajco A/S, Leif Jensen presently is a board member in companies like Hempel, WindowMaster, VELUX stiftung a.o. and prior to this he was CEO for VKR Holding.

Leif Jensen hos a M.A. Economics from University of Aarhus.

Frank Lorenz
Board member and Owner




Frank Lorenz is major shareholder in Tajco Group A/S.

He has a background as an international owner/manager in growth companies since 1992, and has owned companies in both metal art design and the automotive industry. Frank Lorenz moved from the executive chair to the board room back in 2006 and has worked on strategic matters since. Besides Tajco, he has board activity in a number of boards in growth companies like 2Care4 (pharmaceutical), Støtek (Die casting ovens), SBS Automotive (breaks & calipers), Bramidan (waste handling) and ASNET Board (network of professional board members).

Frank Lorenz holds a Production Engineering degree from Copenhagen University College of Engineering and Executive Board Programme, INSEAD.




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